This app redesign is a product of my personal frustrations with the Presto App. As an everyday commuter on Toronto public transit, I found that I seldom used the official app. After researching what others thought, I found that other users had similar feelings towards the app. The goal of this redesign project is to make a functional and useful transit app that is more user-friendly, contains more functionality, and includes accessibility service options.
Problem: Too Many Apps, Not Enough Information

The official Presto app is useless to most of its users. Most people use several apps to find transit routes, bus/subway times, traffic updates, and accessibility services. There are too many apps that accomplish some of those tasks. It's an unnecessary inconvenience to need separate apps for real-time updates, bus schedules, route planning, and accessibility bookings.

To solve this, I consolidated the most important features from several transit apps into one. This includes:
 - Card Details
 - Route Planning
 - Bus and Train Scheduling
 - Transit Updates
 - Accessibility Bookings
User Interviews
Two main types of commuters: 
 - Existing Presto app users
 - Non-Presto app users 

Some questions I asked:
 - Tell me about a time when the Presto app may have been helpful to you? 
 - What other apps do you use that are public transport-related?
 - What frustrations have you encountered taking public transport?
 - What features do you want to see in the Presto app future?​​​​​
User Research: User Pain Points
App use cases: 
 - Very little uses for the Presto app
 - Some users deleted the app from their phone
Not enough Information: 
 - Users are limited to card balance information only
Too many apps: 
 - Users use multiple apps to do different tasks
 - options that aren’t quite accessible
User Personas
Age: 24 years old
Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Scarborough, Toronto
Occupation: Nurse
Jasmine is a resident nurse at Sick Kids Hospital living in Vaughn, Ontario.  She spends her weekdays working with sick children. On the weekends she also loves to go out to hike and go on bike rides with friends.
Jasmine wants an easier way of using public transport. She is looking for quick information and updates. She also wants an easier way to book handicapped TTC bus pick-up appointments for her elderly parents.
Jasmine is frustrated that she needs separate apps for route planning and delay updates. Handicap TTC booking is difficult and not easily accessible. She dislikes that the official app has a modern design yet primitive features.

Age: 29 years old
Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Downtown, Toronto
Occupation: Journalist
Augustus is a journalist from the city of Toronto. With a love for writing and meeting new people, Augustus travels around Toronto to witness everything the city has to offer.
Looking to be hired by one of the popular local blogs/news in Toronto. This requires Augustus to be mobile around the city getting around the city.
As a regular commuter, Augustus needs to know the route and ETA for his destinations. He uses multiple apps like Google Maps, Twitter and Transit App to find information on his routes, delays information and bus times.
Paper First​​​​​​​
Sketches to Wireframes
Design System
High Fidelity Prototype

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