Sujib (Korean): Collection

Introducing Sujib, the ultimate app for avid K-pop enthusiasts and photocard collectors alike! Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of K-pop idols as you meticulously organize and manage your coveted collection. Sujib not only serves as a comprehensive inventory system for your treasured trading cards but also opens the door to a dynamic marketplace where you can seamlessly buy and trade with other stans. Dive into the thrilling realm of K-pop card trading, connect with like-minded collectors, and elevate your fandom experience with Sujib.
Problem: Disorganized Collections & Niche Marketplace
Traditional methods of managing card collections often lead to disorganization and are difficult to share. Collectors may struggle to keep track of the various photocards, making it challenging to appreciate their collection. Additionally, the lack of a centralized platform for trading creates barriers to connecting with other enthusiasts, often limiting opportunities for buying, selling, or trading photo cards. General victual marketplaces cannot filter the search by the extensive categories and details that come with each photo card. Furthermore, selling and trading photocards is risky and confusing. Users need credibility and trust when trading with others.
User Interviews
Three Main Types of Users:
    1.  The Collector: This user is mainly looking for a solution to keep track of their collection. Taking inventory on spreadsheets is not user-friendly and difficult to share with others.
    2.  The Seller: This user has photocards they want to trade or sell.
    3.  The Buyer: This user wants to grow their collection and buy or trade for new photo cards.

Example Interview Questions:
    - How do you organize your photocard collection? What is this process like?
    - Do you plan on or already keep track of your photocards using an application? What do you use and why?
    - Describe your process of buying photocards. What are some frustrations, pain points and concerns?
    - What uncertainties or risks worry you about the buy/sell/trade process?​​​​​​​
User Personas​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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